Quasimidi Sirius - "Astronomy" Soundset - Ambient & Cinemat

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Genre: Ambient Cinematic Dance Downtempo

Format: .mid .syx

Type: Arps Atmospheric Bass Pads Pluck

Special Instructions

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Welcome to the 3d Sirius soundset in the world!

After JayB & Jexus - "Astronomy" soundset is here! Sirius is very inspiring synthesizer from german manufacturer Quasimidi was very popular in 90s and still relevant & interesting in now days!

Our soundset contains 96 best:

Ambient Pads Atmospheric sounds Cinematic Strings Analog poly's Beautiful plucks. Also, overblast setting for better overall sound & MW settings for every sound.

Instructions on "how to" included.

Renew your Sirius with our sounds!

Overblast (OB) setting to the presets:

Begining Movement Memories Shining Richness SummerJU Leader Fantasy Space Ice A Soul Orbital Saturn NK Feelings Ju60Seq MeaCulpa JunoArp Floating MirrorNK Cinematc NeonPL Genesis Ecstatic Atmo90S Dive In 50% SlowOne Discovey Kush Pad BlueSqua Spring:) Cluster OST STR OST STR Loooong StopVox BrightSw 2 Ages Eminet Glider StepSwep Prelude Interra Arp One Dusty St JupittaR EraStrig DeeeepBS BellArp DustySt2 JX-3PS SineVibe SineVibe Silk One OB-8 St SilverSt Cathedra BlueBell RainyDay Rhytmica CubePl Voicia DriftSt Blurred SlowStep VCOHEAT Polysix Phazed Drifted Planet SynthPop BSLDJUNO StreSY NeonPluk HoldOn!! CaveBell MarsNK Leader1 SaintNK GlideBl HoldMa Ambika Hotep Myriads Moon Pl AliveOne Retroid Modular Adrift Spiritul Silkiest Retrodel Noospher Aged Pad