Alesis Quadrasynth/S4 "Cinematica" Soundset 128 presets

Special Instructions


Welcome to the cinematic journey for very underrated & mighty Alesis Quadrasynth!  

Powerful Quadra engine is capable to mix 4 signals and run through  non-resonant filter & beautiful alesis fx.

"Cinematica" soundset contains:  

Gorgeous Strings ready to go in your OST Silkiest & Deepest Ambient Pads Melodic Plucks & Bells Various Experimental, Drone & Atmospheric Sounds Nice Leads  

Soundset will work with original Quadrasynth aswell as S4, Quadrasynth Plus And must work with all new models - QS6,7,8,QSR.  

Re-discover your QuadraSynth and stay health & creative!

Presets list

NK ViralPd NK Sirius NK Breath NK Cinema NK Fantasy NK Fluid NK Deeper NK Monumet NK Silk NK Space NK SloWave NK Spectra NK DeepPd NK Riser NK Past NK SyntPad NK Laizy NK Tyrell NK Voices NK Heaven NK AfterGlo NK Blade NK Aurora NK Christ NK QPad NK Dawn NK TapePd NK Tree Pd NK Mirage NK Desert NK Nova NK Metamo NK Fla re Pd NK Member Night Vox NK Sphere NK QWave NK Spirals NK QDrops NK DnaClimb NK llore NK Sine NK RainWrap NK Hypnosis NK Ringlide NK Polar NK Junah NK Transfer NK DASwell NK S&H NK PIucka NK Motion NK Additiv NK Genesis NK Contact NK Leader NK Vector NK FMBells NK Hachi NK Glass NK Vesta NK Tremolo NK Slider NK Voltage NK Entrance NK Transfer NK Mosaic NK Twisted NK Sharper NK AnaStrig NK Vektar NK Bella NK MKS St NK Distant NK WetPluck NK SyncPd NK SQVoices NK 1983 st NK X-File NK NotesPL NK Peripher NK Tidal21 NK Saharan NK Big One NK OB-12 NK Glitter NK Wavescan NK Harper NK Beauity NK Harmor NK Distant NK DropsSi NK MosesStr NK Molecue NK OB-8 NK Strack NK Pacific NK 21Centur NK Expressa NK QSWave NK Shimmer NK String03 NK Sputnik NK BrightPI NK IcePlace NK GentlePd NK Night NK Pearl NK Sweep NK Rainbow NK Drift2 NK Drift NK Outer NK Inner NK Pluton NK Deeper NK Deepest NK Micros NK Worlds NK Squares NK Calm NK OB-4 NK OB-6 NK OB-8 NK GSide NK QackStr NK BIueStr NK RQdStrng