LED Bug 8 Track Randomizer (Groove switcher- .01 to .00 HZ)

Special Instructions

Requires connection kit and cv tools as well as max (for 10 suite).

Change internal top level low frequency oscillator map of "beatles2" upwards to generate dice roll as portrayed in the screenshot - this requires the virtualized version. Zip includes 4 effects also the shipping effect for generate ship sounds and ship 2 effect.

Without max for live installed this rack does not function!

Choose between 8 classic rock tracks with this amazing singing 8 track amplifier! Randomly switches between 8 tracks at .01 to .00 hz, turn knob left to freeze amp! Includes 6 effects of mastering/mixing per set of 2 internal tracks accessible with live, a total of 24 effects and 8 tracks played. May require starter knock.

Relax with bath sounds with the dual pack 30C bathing sound generator for ableton live 10 suite! Generate with ease amazing quality stream, trickle, formant noise water sounds. Wide dynamic range of tune knob for dialing in the perfect dampening ambience for your enjoyment in or out of the bath. High quality bath generator.

Make extreme amplitude space ship sounds with this whistling and zooming SFX generator for ableton live 10 suite. Warning - Creates extreme volume noises. For the brave of heart, intense quality spaceship zooms emanate with ease from this effect. Loudest sounds come from the knob 1!