DefStar Sound Set for KingKORG 10 Free Presets

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Not your typical KingKORG sounds! Come to the dark side!

Here are ten free patches illustrating the type of sounds you will get when you purchase my DefStar-1 and/or DefStar-2 Sound Sets for the KingKORG. There is no external audio processing; all effects are internal to the Korg; drums and percussion are from the Roland TR8-S.

Inspired by iconic "space wars" culture, these patches will help you discover (or rediscover, like me) this analog modelling synth, which is still very much relevant in today's music.

I focused on creating complex modern-sounding synthesizer patches, rich with movement, rhythm, and harmonics. I made full use of the KingKORG's multi-timbral capabilities, particularly its split and layer modes combined with unique arpeggiated sequences. Every patch is extensively mapped to the XY joystick and modulation matrix for expression and sound design. Many use the vocoder to tease out unusual harmonics. All were made with KingKORG's vacuum tube on to help provide additionally rich overtones.

Enjoy these ten free patches! If you like them, I'm sure you'll love getting another 100 in the DS-1 and DS-2 sound sets, totaling 100 premium presets for a very fair price.

DefStar Sound Set 10 Free Preset List: Plasticene Nebulina ItsATrap! 1WithDaSync HanShot1st NerfingHerd YubNubNot LaserFace WompRap PhantomArp

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