336 Second Corpus-Arpeggiator

Special Instructions

Track one is of 42-polyphony using 16-second delay audio based triggers (2 effects). Track two is of glitch track, when glitched in chill mode effect plays simpler melody. Track three plays 2 effects, one with double arpeggio speed one at normal tempos. If does not work check if Connection Kit is installed. If still does not work check LFO. If LFO is broken and black restart computer, if it still shows its scope drag in new LFO.

Warning: unstable, may fail to load devices like LFO. When devices fail to load a single note drone may appear. Quirky control chain at melodyO crucial for looping, unstable. To patch at soul429 section open and adjust corpus tune internal. Open and dropdown MIDI of collapsed corpus to play with MIDI.