Vanguard Soundset for Avenger

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Avenger

Genre: Ambient Cinematic Techno Trance Various

The Vanguarden Soundset is first expansion for the powerhouse Avenger synthesizer by Vengeance Audio, containing 152 high quality presets with about 50MB of embedded content. A lot of love was found exploring this wonderful synthesizer. I feel as if I have missed out having a lot of fun, but, now I'm here. I'm ready to bring out the TTU sound from this beast of a synth. I was rewarded time and again with many beautiful and brilliant sounds. It is sheer sonic power, this synth, capable of pretty much anything and I oddly feel as though I'm just getting starting with this synth. I've yet to utilize its multisample feature, and unique wavetables, but relied on the factory content for most of the bank, yet, still managed to weigh in 50MB of unique sample content, mostly wave forms, unique vocals from a singer that I transformed with synthesis!

The soundset covers mostly some really awesome leads and basses, but is spread out in pads, plucks, and vocals as well. In the future, I'll take avenger to higher levels, but this is a perfect, synthetic, start, so to speak, without relying on samples and external content but what it already contains and is avaivable to all users, the factory wavetables, samples, etc.

It is suited for any contemporary electronic dance and ambient music genres, including cinematic music. It includes a wide variety of presets spread out in many categories, including, basses, leads, pads, keys, and plucks.