Serene Trances for Diversion

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Diversion

Genre: Breaks Country House Pop Trap

Type: Atmospheric Lead Pads Pluck Voice




Serene Trances is an exceptionally high caliber soundset with over 135 patches and 1GB of unique sample content for the exquisitely beautiful synth Diversion, by Dmitry Sches, and is suitable for use in any type of contemporary electronic music productions. Serene Trances takes absolute full advantage of Diversion as a hybrid synth/sampler, utilizing its many different live synthesis methods and its ability to import wave samples. Nearly half the patches use wave samples to enrich the synths rich sound with noise samples, adding real world texture to synthesis.




  • Includes 135 Presets for Diversion
  • Contains over 1GB of unique samples embedded in the patches.
  • Optional - Includes 23 Midi FIles (Over 50 merged patterns) from most of the audio demos (excluding leads). They are named identically to the corresponding preset.
  • All patches are volume normalized. (They won't clip and have equal volume levels when scanning between presets)
  • Complex Modulation Wheel and XY destinations for nearly all patches. When appropiate, many patches also utilized velocity sensitivity.
  • Patches created in the lates version of Diversion 1.41.


  • Leads - 13
  • Drums - 5
  • Pads and Atmospheres- 48
  • Basses - 26
  • Keys - 11
  • Plucks - 19
  • Arps and Sequences - 14


The Serene Trances Soundset contains over 137 patches, which were carefully selected to offer a diverse assortment of Pads, Ambient Soundscapes, Leads, Basses, Drums, Arps, Sequences & Gates, Keys, Plucks, and Vocal patches. The full-size of the soundset is just over 600MB, which contains the samples and wave recordings of the streamed oscillators.The Sound Bank contains some exceptionally beautiful evolving Pads and Ambient Soundscapes-- being dimensional and almost always having lots of movement. The result is an elegant and meticulously programmed collection of evolving, highly fluidic, warm, edgy, and lush patches that are highly playable, and can be immediately used in electronic music.

The Serene Trances Soundset can be used in any variety of electronic music, on the whole, while it is also quite suited for the genres: Progressive Trance, Psy & Goa Trance, and the other more chillout, ambient type of genres such as: Psybient, Ambient, Chillout Etc. A lot of the patches strike a balance between beauty and timelessness, and thus perfectly genre-less, such as the Pads, Atmospheres, and Sound Scapes . The leads on the other hand are crated more for the exotic, harder edge style of genres, with extensive modulations and smooth goa trance style legato's and sliding plucks, perfect for Progressive Trance and Psy.)