Sugar Bytes Turnado iPad controller

Tech Specs

Category: TouchOsc Templates

Device: Turnado

Type: Software Control

Format: iPad

This is something I made a while ago for the iPad version of Turnado before it had landscape mode support. I don't have the desktop plugins, so I don't know how to get it to work with that one. But feel free to change it in the editor (this sends out data on CCs 1-10, which are the default values for the iPad version).

There are two pages, both being landscape. With the first page the idea is to be able to hold the iPad and control/reach everything with your thumbs. The second page basically have the same controllers but with a different and bigger layout for easy access when your iPad is in a stand.

The only thing this Turnado controller adds to the existing in-app controls in the iPad version would be the "Push Buttons". Each Turnado knob have four snap-back buttons here, that each corresponds to a increasing quarter value (first button makes the knob jump to 9´o clock, second 12´o clock and so on) and snaps back to zero when released, so they are not toggles. Differense from the snapping XY pads in the iPad version of Turnado being fixed values here. Really useful, and makes it easier, for manipulating and slicing beats fast.

Should work out-of-the-box with the iPad version of Turnado, unless you changed CC values in Turnado (this templates uses CC 1-10 on channel 1/omni). I don´t know what values the Mac and PC plugin version uses, but you're welcome to improve this so it works with the desktop versions (just open the template in the editor).