Dune Electronic Essence

Special Instructions

You can purchase the full bank (84 presets) from: http://www.iceplanetmusic.com/soundsets/dune-electronic-essence

12 demo presets selected from Dune Electronic Essence designed by Giorgio Rebecchi.

You can purchase the full bank from: http://www.iceplanetmusic.com/soundsets/dune-electronic-essence

Ice Planet Music present "Dune Electronic Essence” a collection of 84 presets for dune designed by Giorgio Rebecchi.

This soundset use all the power of Dune synth engine, expecially the Differential Engine and the multi-filters unit.

If you are an EDM producer, especially a House, Progressive House, Progressive, Trance, Ambient or Chillout producer this soundset is designed just for you!

84 Dune presets, a wide range of hi quality sounds, single and multi layered (thanks to Dune Differential Engine).

See more at: http://www.iceplanetmusic.com/soundsets/dune-electronic-essence

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