Pixelations | Zebra 2 Soundset

Special Instructions

Requesite Zebra 2.6.

This download is an 8 patch demo. For the full soundset, please visit: http://www.zensound.es/soundsets/zebra-2-pixelations/

Author's note
This soundset covers a wide range of 8 bit sounds. For making all the sounds I've used completely the modular capacities of Zebra 2, that gives to this soundset a retro and advanced modular taste.

Brief description
This soundset is formed by keyboards, drums, basses, leads, atmospheres, SFX, sequences and arpeggios. All these sounds have an advanced 8 bit taste!

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS. All the volumes will be normalized in the next free update.

Creative Commons. All the patches are royalty free. You can use the patches for making musical compositions commercial or free.

This soundset contains

  • 128 patches in Zebra 2 native format.
  • A guided installation in pdf and txt format.
  • On line support (questions to info@zensound.es).
  • Continuous free updates, if you conserve the download link you can get the last update of the soundset.

This DEMO is recorded 'as is', no effects and no compression or limiting.

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