20 Nord Lead 2 Patches

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Nord Lead 2

Genre: Ambient Dance Techno

Due to the lack of patches recently for this classic red beast,and also due to the fact a mate has recently purchased a rack version of the 2x , I decided to make a bank of 20 patches purely by using the random and invert functions and a small amount of adjustment on this windows only editor available here http://nm-archives.electro-music.com/020_NordLead2/023_Miscellaneous/NordGenerator_Editor/ They are saved in .syx format so if you don't have windows or for some reason cant use the editor you can send them via sysex in your daw It is a collection of Sound fx ,Keys, Leads and Bass, Some have velocity trigger on the filter and most of them have the modulation wheel engaged, Please dont blow your speakers as some of the frequencies in these patches are pretty extreme,Also bear in mind this is my first attempt at doing any patches to share and i did them all in about 4 hours No external effects, This is all the Nord lead 2 Please let me know what you think Enjoy