Yamaha FS1R Editor for iPad

Tech Specs

Category: TouchOsc Templates

Device: FS1R

Type: Instrument Control

Format: iPad

TouchOSC editor for the Yamaha FS1R. 80 pages and months in the making. This editor was made with TouchOSC and is currently mapped for The Missing Link. You can, however, re-map it for Osculator or other, but it is fairly large - over 1000 parameters. Every single parameter controlling sound on the FS1R is covered.

The full editor is actually split into five editors, one main editor and four Operator editors (one for each part). Pictured here are the unique editing screens to give you an idea of the sheer number of parameters available on the FS1R. This is one massive synth consisting of FM, Formant and subtractive synthesis.

Main editor (16 pages/tabs): fseq editing, common controls, Part1 control (if you look at the tabs you can see Part2 - 4 as well), LFO & Filter, Formant Algorithm selection, FM Algorithm selection, Reverb, Variation Effects (two pages), Insert Efects (three pages), and EQ.

Operator editor (16 pages/tabs x 4 editors): Below EQ are two screen grabs for the Operator edit pages. Each of four parts on the FS1R has a total of eight voiced operators and eight unvoiced operators. Each voiced and each unvoiced operator has the same set of parameters.

Note there are a couple of quirks to this editor. The FS1R has a few parameters that are higher resolution than The Missing Link supports. You can get from 0 to max, but fine tuning is best done on the FS1R itself.

Some parameters are only applicable based on other parameter settings. I tried to capture these, however I did a much better job with the effects section and later in the editor. If you look at the FX pages you will see color coding for each slider. This is because the effect parameters on the FS1R share the same sysex but do different things depending on which effect is selected.

If you use the editor and find any other quirks let me know.

The great thing about the editor, in this case specifically, is that it will allow you to explore the FS1R without hunching over the rack and flipping through menus. It's all laid out in full screen in front of you. You can flip through pages and just explore and try things out. For a synth this complex it really does help in learning how each parameter effects a given sound. You can set the mix levels down for all but one part, focus on it and then bring other parts back in.

As with all TouchOSC based editors, you can also jump values, while on the FS1R there is no number pad so you have to go the full range from point a to point z. If you look at the Algorithm screens for example you can see with this editor you can directly select any algorithm you want.

The one thing I do wish the FS1R did was update it's screen to the parameter being edited, that way you can use both. If anyone knows if this is possible, let me know.

Click each screen to get a taste of what the FS1R can do.