FGL Construct Refill

FGL Construct Refill is a sample Refill organized via Kong drumsets.  The patches within each kit are specially constructed sounds consisting of samples from Reason synths, other software synths, audio records, and some found sounds.  The source sounds have been mixed, layered, altered, and finally finished using many different Rack Extensions within Reason 7.  In addition, there are effects combinators contained within the Refill for further sound mangling. The set of sounds fits several kinds of modern electronic music, but is not bound to any specific genre. All in all, it is a tribute to Reason 7 and the Rack Extensions that have created a world of new possibilities and new music.

FGL Construct Refill Contents:

  • 39 Kong Combinator Patches
  • 39 Kong Kits
  • 10 Effect Combinator Patches
  • 4 Rex Devices
  • 1 Rex Combinator Patch
  • 108 Rex Loops
  • 39 Rex Drumset Files.



Frederick Hastings

Excellent collection of noise. Worked very well with found sounds I was using.

posted 1 decade, 4 months and 14 days ago

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