Beauty From A Synthesizer Demo

This download contains 14 free demo patches. For the full soundset, please visit

Exquisite and delicious

Warm, evolving, analog, lush, synthetic, dreamy, ambient and cinematic. Beauty From A Synthesizer is a library with focus the beautiful. Evolving and lush pads, analog warmth, gentle, tender leads and breaths of fresh air. A library full of pads and leads and also soundscapes and bass sounds with instant gratification in mind. Load any lead sound and play your favorite melody, load any pad and be swept away completely.

Every sound is tagged by type and comes with a detailed description in the comments field. All sounds are designed with careful assignment of each macro knob with maximum focus on the specific character of the sound and it's intended use where subtle or more dramatic changes are perfectly in tune with the preset.

The idea behind this soundset is partly based on Camel Audios wonderful initiative to give a percentage to the planet. But mostly, simply just because I want to try to remind us of our beautiful nature and everything in it. 2% of all sales goes to naturarvet (nature heritage), a Swedish initiative to save the very old and deep forests and WWF, the world wildlife fund.

The sounds are suited for genres such as ambient, electronica, minimal, techno, IDM, EDM and also rock, progressive rock, hip hop, pop, film scoring or games production.

Please have a listen.