Thor FM First Series

Tech Specs

Category: Reason Refills

Devices: Thor

Format: Thor Patch .thor

Type: Synth Patches

Version: 6

Genre: Various

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Since the release of the PX7 FM Synthesizer in the Propellerhead Shop, I got the idea to create a refill for doing complex FM synthesis with Thor synthesizer. Maybe, you don’t know how to create FM algorithms? Maybe you are still using Reason 5 and don’t have access to REs? Or you just don’t want to pay 99$ for the PX7 FM Synthesizer ? No matter what is your situation, this free refill is a first attempt for me to create a FM synthesis refill using the Thor synthesizer. In this pack, you will find 102 patches divided into 4 algorithms of 4 operators. If you want to design your own sound from scratch using a starting point use patches named: Algo A Init, Algo B Init, Algo C Init and Algo D Init. I have also included into each patch a combinator backdrop showing the oscillator algorithm (routing).

Here’s the schematic illustrating algorithms used in this refill:


However, I put aside this first attempt and deliver it as is. I am actually working on a new version for a near future (there’s no release date scheduled). This second version will sound better and will have extra features, with new algorithms. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy and take advantage of this first set. A word of advice, look and explore how I have set up things by unfolding Thor’s panel. You can also add extra modulation routing to Thor’s matrix.

Requirement: Reason 6 and higher. Sorry about this, as Hydlide said in a comment I should create this refill with Reason 4 and 5 to make it works with earlier version even if I’m using previous Refill Packer. I don’t have those previous version.

  • I’m done! Happy modulation!Simon Janvier