AKWF Waveforms

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Various

Type: Loops

Format: WAV

Please visit my website for more information: http://www.adventurekid.se/akrt/waveforms/

I have been making and collecting one cycle waveforms for years. They have been one of my best weapons to use when making sounds. If you have a wavetable synthesizer that can load single cycle waveforms you might find them useful as well.

Single cycle waveforms!?

If you are familiar with basic subtractive synthesizers you probably know the saw, square, sinus and triangle shape that are the most common shapes a oscillator can produce pretty well. Single cycle waveforms are tiny audio files (.wave) that a synthesizer can read to use as oscillator shapes. What it means is new sounds. Some kind of grey area between sampling and synthesis. A raw waveform is very rarely what makes a whole sound but you can see it as presets for oscillators. Happy sound designing!

This kind of technique is also called PCM wavetable synthesis.

The download contains 4300 single cycle wave forms. The wave format work with many samplers and synths and there are some packages containing samples formatted for ones that need a different format. I choose to sample thes waveforms at D2+2 which equals 600 samples. The biggest reason for that was because I was using Fibonacci sequences to build sounds. As the synths, samplers and computers got better at handling single cycle wave forms it made less sense but I kept the standard of 600 samples anyway.




ooooooh yummy

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Tons of good waveforms. Thanks!

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