Zebra 2 Monsterpack

This is a demo pack containing 12 presets. To purchase the full bank, please visit trancetechnosoundbanks.com


'TTS ZEBRA MONSTERPACK' is a powerful and versatile soundbank designed to bring you the sound of EDM for users of U-HE ZEBRA synth. You'll find 279 high quality presets as well as 20 FLP Files and 20 MIDI construction kits in many popular EDM styles such as: TECH HOUSE, MINIMAL, UPLIFTING TRANCE, COMMERCIAL HOUSE, CLASSIC TRANCE, 8 BIT, HARD TRANCE, MAKINA, PSY TRANCE, MOVIE MUSIC, GAME MUSIC, AMBIENT, DEEP HOUSE, MODERN TRANCE, FULL ON, COMMERCIAL TRANCE HOUSE, PROGRESSIVE TECH HOUSE, TECHNO .

This soundbank has 20 demo kits (including MIDI files for every synth) and features accompanying FL Studio files. Inside the pack there is text file showing you how to work with this soundbank in every major DAW. The kick drum, hi-hat and clap samples in the demos are for demonstration purposes.

Pack Information: • 279 ZEBRA presets (.h2p) • 20 Construction kits in midi(every demo) • 20 FL Studio .flp files

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