Spectral Surface

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Massive

Genre: Ambient Various

Format: Instrument’s Native Format

This download contains 7 demo patches. To purchase the full soundset, please visit http://modeaudio.com/product/spectral-surface .

'Spectral Surface: Massive Texture Presets' from ModeAudio is an explosion of textures and SFX. From chaotic, fracturing impacts and heavy, rolling bass contours to gaseous sound masses and eerie drones, this pack has enough sonic energy to give you visions.

Pump your drops, interludes and switches to bursting, and ratchet up the tension with 'Spectral Surface: Massive Texture Presets'. This collection of presets has everything you need for creating Cinematic qualities in your music.

With a panoply of different sound design ideas and masterful synthesis techniques, this release is packed full of endlessly tweak-able sound worlds so vivid as to have your audience gripping the edge of their seats.

Massive's unrivalled modulation capabilities have been pushed to the limit, with the whole gamut of wavetable tones and routing possibilities mobilised to create some seriously progressive sounds. All eight• macro controls have been assigned to mind-bending transformations, so that you have huge power instantly available at your fingertips.

Give your music an injection of psycho-acoustic madness with 'Spectral Surface: Massive Texture Presets'!