Dystopia Vol.2 for NI Razor

This is a demo pack containing 8 free presets. To purchase the full soundset, please visit www.aiynzahev-sounds.com .

Aiyn Zahev Sounds presents Dystopia Vol.2 for NI Razor.

Razor offers unique features and a rich palette of sounds, but it can take time and patience to get mix worthy sounds out of it. That is where Dystopia Vol.2 comes in, picking up from the first Dystopia (VIP awarded on loopmasters) with 64 great new presets.

With a particular emphasis on bass and percussive sounds, this bank is ideal for darker, murkier house and techno and the additive synthesis engine allows for great ethereal sounds perfect for atmosphere & pad sounds and aggressive synth sounds that are not typical of analog style synths. The result is a very cutting edge feel, even when approximating more classic sounds.

19 Bass - 9 Fx - 8 Pad - 15 Percussion - 13 Synth presets

64 Razor Presets (.nrkt, .ssf)
Velocity & Modwheel assignments to many presets
Razor 1.5 required
Reaktor Free Player or Reaktor 5.9.0 required