Base II Giveaway Raw Samples

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Dance Dubstep Electro

Type: One Shots

Format: WAV

You can win a Base II if you make a song with this sample set!

See the contest and sample tutorials in the video below:

Contest starts now, ends July 20th.... Winner is announced July 27th.

Contest rules:
1. Download the set/samples and make a cool song using only the samples in the set. Use any DAW you like!
2. Upload the song to Youtube with the title "Livid Instruments Base II looks so awesome I'm going to make a song about it awww yea"
3. Profit

The winner gets a free Base II and their video featured on our media channels. If you are near Austin you will also receive a high five. 2nd and 3rd place win a t-shirt, but sadly no high fives will be awarded for coming in 2nd or 3rd.