Hades | Alchemy Soundset by Complex

This download contains 8 demo patches. For more information or to purchase the full soundset, please visit: http://www.zensound.es/soundsets/alchemy-hades/

Hades is our latest obscure and horrific soundset. This soundset takes sounds from the underworld, evil creatures, mechanical hybrid beasts, desolated soundscapes, scary atmospheres, tense drones, haunting keyboards, menacing choirs, satanic voices, apocalyptic science fiction effects, cinematic percussions, sequences, and powerful basses.

Hades is formed by 128 patches using 59 new original samples. These samples are specifically recorded for this project such as: rusty doors, engines, windchimes, metallic frictions, bells, electronic glitches, feedbacks and metallic percussions.

All the patches can fit well in all styles of electronic music with dark feeling, ambient and media music.

Hades: The underworld, ominous, scary and mystery sounds.

128 patches.

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