Prophet VS Editor for iPad

Tech Specs

Category: TouchOsc Templates

Device: Prophet VS

Type: Instrument Control

Format: iPad

TouchOSC editor for the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS. This editor was made with TouchOSC and is currently mapped for The Missing Link. You can, however, re-map it for Osculator or other. You can find the editor here and on The Missing Link forum here.

The cool thing about this editor vs. editing directly on the Prophet VS is you can jump values. With the VS you select a parameter and use the slider to adjust, meaning to get from 15 to 120 you have to scroll through all values from 15 to 120. With this editor you can switch directly to 120 or any other value. I also created an XY pad for waveform selection, so instead of being limited with the onboard joystick for mix levels of the four oscillators only, you can use the additional XY pads for waveform selection (see bottom pic). Again you can jump parameters with the XY pads for both mix levels and waveform selection. This is not possible on the Prophet VS directly. And of course you can jump other slider values like cutoff frequency, resonance, and others. This allows you to play parameters in real time including creating manual rhythmic effects not possible on the VS directly.

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