The High-Energy Soundset by Sonic Sirius

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: R3

Genre: Various

Format: Instrument’s Native Format

The High-Energy Soundset by Sonic Sirius for the ' Korg - R3 ' Synthesizer.

• 1 High-Energy Soundbank with 128 Presets
• Sound Design by: Sonic Sirius
• Format: R3 Library File
• Bank File Size: 294 KB
• Download Size: 1 MB
• With: Read me PDF
• Release: 4-2014
• Genre: Various
• For: Korg - R3
• Price: Free

Royalty Free Soundset License

All ' Sonic Sirius ' Freeware Soundsets they can be used commercially in things like movies, games,and anything else you might need a cool sound for. You may not however redistribute them for a profit.

R3 Sound Editor / Opening a library

From the File menu, chose "Open" to open the Open Library dialog box.
Select a library file and click the [Open] button.
A new Library window will open, and the library will be loaded.