ZomboySkrillex Resonant Growl

Tech Specs

Category: Reason Refills

Format: Combinator Patch .cmb

Type: Instrument

Version: 7

Genre: Dubstep

I've been screwing around with trying to make a Zomboy/Skrillex style resonant growl and i think I finally got something decent so I decided id share it with you! I've been trying to make this type of sound for what feels like forever and after many many frustrating failed attempts this is what i finally got.

The patch is setup differently than Ive ever set up before. buttons 1 2 and 3 activate an osc in Thor to easily switch between sounds and the Knob is meant to be automated to create the growl/wub. Osc 1 is a terror squad/all is fair resonant sound, osc 2 is more growlly like immunity, and the third osc is more of a basic growl. So you kinda get 3 patches in 1.

The idea behind the patch is a wavetable, sent thru a notch filter with a high resonance then a band pass filter with medium res. knob 1 controls these filter, knotch moves from ~2.5k to 1k while the bandpass open up to about 900hz. Then distortion, eq, distortion, unision, a whole bunch of shit.

Lemme know what you think!




Very clever, tutorial video is amazing as well. 5 stars.

posted 8 years, 7 months and 2 days ago

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