No Sleep Lead - JD-990 Pizzicato Preset from "Insomnia"

Special Instructions

Unzip and open the project folder. Then open the included .ALS file.

Inside the project, you will see a MIDI track with the Instrument Rack preset. Click the floppy disk icon on the corner of the rack to save it as a preset in your User Library.

You can use the Macro Controls to balance the dry and wet (reverb) levels and the amount of unison detune. Enjoy!

I've used exclusively Ableton Live instruments and effects to recreate the classic Roland JD-990 "Pizzicato" patch, famously used by Faithless in their classic, "Insomnia."

The sound comes in at around 2:18 in the video below, and will likely be instantly recognizable to most of you! Enjoy!

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