LinnDrum Rack by P-LASK

Special Instructions

Unzip and open the project folder. Then open the included .ALS file.

Inside the project, you will see a MIDI track with the Instrument Rack preset. Click the floppy disk icon on the corner of the rack to save it as a preset in your User Library.

When you need to infuse some '80s groove into your tracks, look no further than the LinnDrum. Often overshadowed by its peers the Roland TR-808 and TR-909, this remains one of the most influential drum machines of all time. Used on countless pop and electronic records in the 1980s (ahem...Prince, anyone!) and up through today, the LinnDrum uses sampled drum sounds, rather than synthesized analog sounds, to create more "realistic" sounding drum beats. Add some reverb, and you're in 80s heaven! Here's one of my favorite examples from Tears for Fears:

This is a Drum Rack preset I made using only stock Ableton Live devices. Certain subgroups of drums have been bussed through an internal Reverb and EQ. Therefore, you can use the Macros to add reverb in varying amounts to various drum subgroups.

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