Kick Synth Rack

Tech Specs

Category: Ableton Racks

Devices: Operator

Version: Live 9.0.1

Format: Live Set (.als)

Type: Instrument

Genre: Various

Special Instructions

The project should open in Ableton Live 9.0.1 or higher. To save the preset, just click on the disk button above the macro controls and it will be added to your library.

This is nothing fancy, just a simple synth generated kick drum preset I made using Operator. In terms of workflow, this addition to my sound sets was long overdue. I am constantly finding myself using really nice drum loops and all that’s usually missing is a little sub kick underneath for the boom. That’s exactly what this does. I know there are tons of VST’s that already do this as well as one for Max for Live. But I thought I would share this with you guys as its simple to manipulate and native to Ableton.

The Macros are pretty straight forward. I’ve put this together as an Ableton Live project. Feel free to download the live set and test it out for yourself. I’ve included a basic 4 on the floor MIDI clip so you can hear the kick and get right to turning the knobs to familiarizing yourself with what everything does, and start shaping your own kick tone.

Enjoy! Joe

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