Soliton Soundbank for Zebra

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1 Main Set - 131 presets. The standard preset pack.
2 XY Variations - 154 preset variations.
3 Arps - 102 arpeggiator presets.
4 Osc Waves - 193 wave tables.

The main universal features regarding the Soliton Zebra bank, are as follows:

  1. All presets have all 4 XY controllers assigned to various unique parameters.
  2. All presets have Modulation Wheel settings.
  3. All presets have information added to the info panel, and within the XY control panel.
  4. Approximately 85% of presets contain After Touch setting.
  5. Approximately 35% of presets have Pitch Wheel settings set to other parameters.
  6. Approximately 90% of presets contain Arpeggiator settings set within the standard presets.
  7. Approximately 75% of presets contain extra modules within the Module Grid.
  8. They are turned off by default within the standard set.
  9. All presets contain various tweaked FX within the FX section, which are turned off by default.

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