Wave Attack One

Tech Specs

Category: Ableton Racks

Devices: Simpler

Version: Live 7

Type: Instrument

Special Instructions

Requires Ableton Live 7 or higher

For more infomation, please visit:http://togeostudios.com/

Wave Attack One is a free Ableton Live pack from Togeo Studios. This is the first part of an upcoming series of Live Simpler instruments using single-cycle waveforms. Wave Attack 1 contains fifty instruments in three categories:

  • Arppegiated – Arp Sequences
  • Deep Fried – Screaming Saturated Leads
  • ModULater – Thick Chorused Leads

As you will notice this Live pack is very small, only 208kb zipped. That is because of the use of the single-cycle waveforms. This allows us to use the Live Simpler device much in the way you would program a normal synthesizer. We can layer the waveforms, pitch shift, modulate and filter each in its own chain. Our only limitation in this are the limitations of the simpler device itself.

We are currently building up our library of waveforms and will be posting more packs of instruments created using this method in the near future.