Korg M1 Organ2 for Sampler

Tech Specs

Category: Ableton Racks

Devices: Sampler Reverb

Version: Live 9.0

Format: Rack (.adg)

Type: Instrument

Genre: Hip Hop House Dance Garage Pop Deep House

Special Instructions

Simply download and unzip the included Ableton Live project folder, then open the project.

Click the floppy disk button on the corner of the Instrument Rack (or just the Sampler) to save the patch and included multisample into your User Library.

Sounds from Korg's M1 workstation synth have been used on COUNTLESS dance records in all styles throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and even 2000s. It's sounds (or recreations of them) are STILL used by many house, techno, hip hop, and pop producers today. The famous "Organ2" preset can still be heard all over MK's tracks (Storm Queen's "Look Right Through - MK Dub III"), classic dance anthems of the '90s like "Show Me Love" by Robin S. and "Push The Feelin' On" by Nightcrawlers (below)...too many to name!

I've multisampled the "Organ2" digital PCM wave from a MicroKorgXL (this is the exact same PCM wave used on the M1, haters and purists!) and set it up for use inside Ableton's Sampler. It's also grouped into a Rack with an attached Reverb device, but feel free to substitute your own on a Return track, etc. Have fun!

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