Yamaha TX81Z


Yamaha’s TX81Z is solid, compact and rack-mounted synth that delivers some of the best FM synth options in all of music. The TX81Z is widely thought of as a more compact version of the DX-11 without the keys. Musicians seek out this synth because it’s an affordable way to get access to loads of iconic sounds in a small package. The TX81Z features 8-voice polyphony, 128 preset options, 11 push buttons, and loads of functionality.

One of this synth’s most innovative features gives musicians the ability to use waveforms other than sine waves. Eight voices are included that can be split, detuned, and layered. Delay and reverb sound effects options are included to give music-makers more control over their sounds. Designated sound settings can be saved internally, helping save performers time on stage. In contrast to synths featuring conventional classic sounds, the TX81Z shines delivers unique FM sounds with the power to shape tracks distinctively. And, with its moderate price, it also happens to be a synth of choice for notable electronic producers and performers like Squarepusher, Fluke, and Astral Projection.

Technical Specifications

Year of release: 1987 Polyphony: 8
Oscillators: 4-Operator Digital FM Multitimbral Parts: 8
Patch Memory: 128 Filter: None
Format: 1u Rack Mount Keys: None
Control: Midi


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Yamaha TX81Z