Yamaha TX81Z: TX81Z Programmer Banks

Here's all my TX81Z syx files converted to .tx8 and .syx files with TX81Z Programmer. All the system dumps for all three modules are here with a lot of banks A through D with the I banks here, Rip Num1 is complete factory system dump including the I bank which has the Factory user dump with the microtuning and everything in one .syx file with the .tx8 and .syx files for all the individual banks A through D and I banks are all there and can be use as needed in a production, the Rip num2 features the three presets I programmed myself including JB1STBASS which is suite toward disco/pop and two house oriented bass synth sounds but Rip num3 is the last module I got and it has a decent rendition of DX100's Solidbass and Casio CZ Sounds so enjoy. You can get the TX81Z Programmer here:


Remember to back up your own sounds and banks and system exclusive dump because once you turn memory protect off to load sound into Bank I which is the User bank you lose the previous sounds as they are no longer in memory.