Novation Bass Station II


If Novation set out to create a powerful analog monosynth capable of pumping out thick, gritty bass sounds, by all accounts, they’ve wildly succeeded. This 25-key beast looks a great deal more dainty than it sounds, featuring two oscillators and a powerful sub-oscillator to accommodate the lowest of low ends. It also cranks out wonderful arpeggio patterns and allows for sound-sculpting in real time with effects like distortion and FM. Oh, and did we mention this synth is also affordable?

The Bass Station 2 offers two versatile filter options that give you the power to present deep bass tones with vastly different characters. Its Classic filter delivers analog bass sounds you’ve come to love and expect, through LPF, HPF, and BPF modes. The Acid filter serves up a whole different take on bass that’s markedly screechier and attention-grabbing. This synth also cranks out compact, heavy tones through an impressive 32 different arpeggio patterns to choose from. For bass lovers of the synth variety, the Bass Station 2 is one of the best bangs for your buck.


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Novation Bass Station II