Impacts & Uplifters

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Type: One Shots

Format: WAV

"Impacts & Uplifters" is a (free) collection of 15 Impacts and 7 Risers/Uplifters.

The samples were made with House music in mind, but could easily be applied to other genres


  • 15 Impacts
  • 7 Uplifters (Risers), 128BPM, Root Note C
  • 22 Samples, 24Bit Wav, 54.7MB



How I made the sounds:

The Uplifters were made using Massive by automating the Cutoff, Reverb Wet/Dry, Distortian amount, Pitch, and various other parameters to build tension.

The Impacts were made by combining existing samples with synthesised sounds, and then heavily proccessing them into Impacts using Transient Shaping (Compression), EQ-ing and various distortians and reverbs.

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