Joel's Single Cycle Waveform Collection A1

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Type: Impulse Response Loops

Format: WAV

Joel's Single Cycle Waveform Collection A1

A few single-cycle waveforms used in samplers and synthesizers that import such a small increment of time, single-cycles are less than a second long and are a single waveform rather than a whole entire sounds, all sounds are made from vibrations and waveforms these are just the single waveform, there are a list of synthesizers that use single cycle waveforms that I use but I will list the best of my knowledge the synths I know import waveforms,:

RGC-Audio Zeta+ v1 Cakewalk Zeta+ 2 Image-Line Sytrus Image-Line Hamor Image-Line 3xOSC Camel Audio Alchemy Sonigen Modular VAZ Synths VAZ Modular 3 Audjoo Helix

The rest of the list I cannot remember which imports what formats or what imports single-cycle waveforms, which are 16-8 bit wav files that are loaded into a sampler giving it new abilities to play with that wave as it's oscillator together with the synth/samplers on-board functions you can have new life given to your synth collection, these are not Impulse responses.