Joel's Synth Waveforms

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: 80's

Type: Impulse Response Loops

Format: WAV

Here are two versions of these waveforms you have long waveforms then I exported the single-cycles from those so you get both long and single-cycle waveforms and with the PSS-480/680 you can take a sinewave and run the feedback and modulation level up to get a sorta saw waveform, turn freq to 1 on OP1 and 2 on OP2 to get a square waveform, I didn't sample the Square but I sampled all TX81Z waveforms 1 through 8, here are all waveforms from the TX81Z and some waveforms from the Yamaha PSS-480.

[Note: it's Work in Progress because I haven't sampled the square on the pss-480 and I only have two synths that have different waveforms other than sine, but I do have a dx7, tx81z, pss-480, tx7, fb-01, rx5, dr-220e, peaveysp-sx, roland s-550, s-330, akai s1000PB but you can't sample the waveforms on these except the FM synths because samples are copyrighted material back than in 1980's therefore I will not sample the Roland stuff.]