C•A•P-500 MB-WAV-Samples-08.2015

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Various

Type: Loops

Format: MP3 WAV

Special Instructions

If you found any copyright material inside, contact me.

Best Melodies - 44 Samples, ø 2-4 MB big, mostly short Melody´s, no Midi, much Lead, Synth, Bells, littlebit Bass,

Grooves.Rythm - 51 Samples also from Productions, Loops, Grooves und fright Stuff

SFX - 73 Samples, Vocals/ Spoken Words from old NEWS to SEXY-moaning, Uppers and Downers, Noise, Dark, Bubbles, Scratch, Glitch

Tracks.Jam - 11 Samples/ Tracks (thereof 7 MP3´s), unready Tracks, Jams and Baubles

Edit: 7/2019 Licence: .. CC by-nc-sa ..