Yamaha DX7 Sample Pack and Preset Banks

This is a preset made in the Yamaha DX7 but rendered in Dexed due to technical issues with what appears to be interference of the audio signal but the sound is fine. I need to repair my DX7 with E!Card but here is the sample, comment below to tell me it works in Dexed, FM7. FM8. Hexter, Sytrus, DX7 Mk1 DX7 Mk.II, ect. what ever you're poison, send me a message when private messages are implemented.

The source of this was a Y/X Cartridge by Red Planet, no name just a label with the Y and X data of what was on it, also it was the last synth preset in the cartridge, called SeqSynth which I modded inside the DX7 by turning off Memory Protect on the synth and the cartridge then copies the preset to Bank 0 in the internal user banks, preset one, modified the name, saved it, then I modded the settings and transposed it one octave down so that C1 is C2, now I turned all operators to 0.50 coarse tuning, fine tuning at 0.00, ect. ect. you get a similar to pwl sounding bass.