Single Cycle Wave Chains for Analog Rytm

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Special Instructions

Load the chains into sample memory, set sample play to loop and adjust start and end to taste compatible to the slice numbers in the chain. By using velocity and aftertouch modulation, you can turn the Rytm into a poor man's wavetable synth.

As so many different types of single cycle waves exists, a clever guy named Multiman put the huge collection of Adventure Kid (thousands of waves) into sample chains, so that samplers capable of using these can load dozens of waves in one sample.

The chains here are a selection of those chains, mostly cut down to wave chains whith 60 slices. These can be used in the Elektron Analog Rytm, where a sample can be sliced to a maximum of 120 slices and thus each slice must be a divisor of 120. In the original chains, the usual number was 64, which would result in glitches.