Akai S1100 Reverb Impulse Responses

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Various

Type: Impulse Response

Format: AIFF

Many people may not know, but in addition to the Akai S1100 being a classic workhorse sampler, it can also be used as an external effects processor.

While the reverb on the S1100 may not be too impressive by today's standards, it does offer a classic sound that appeared on many popular tracks in the 90's.

Included in this download are the first 20 presets for the onboard effects. After the first 20, the effects are modulated or pitched shifted, and don't translate well for use in a convolution reverb.

The IRs were created using Ableton Live's IR measurement device, and should work in any convolution reverb that will accept stereo aiff IRs.

The presets included are:

Bright Hall
Bright Hall 2
Bright Hall
Bright Plate
Flutter Hall
Large Room 1
Large Room 2
Long Hall 1
Long Hall 2
Metal Room
Plate 1
Plate 2
Shaft 1
Shaft 2
Small Room 1
Small Room 2
Soft Hall
Warehouse 1
Warehouse 2