Unreal Spaces Vol. 1

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Various

Type: Impulse Response

Format: WAV


[44.1/24 bit or 44.1/16bit wav -- 114 mb ]

All of these impulses have been generated artificially. They are not meant to emulate or simulate any real rooms or real hardware. Suitable for sound design as well as music. Some of these have a definitive scifi edge to them. Some of these sound better for instruments, some of these sound better for drums and other noises. Get creative :)

Note: Play around with the decay/size parameters of your convolution reverb to get more sounds out of these impulse. Also, most of these impulses have been optimized for a tempo of 140bpm, concerning their decay times or rhythmic variations.

[I created these impulses with the help of Serum, Massive, Absynth, Reaktor and Zoom H5 recordings which I automated and processed in Reaper either with onboard effects or different plugins such as Klanghelm SDRR, Fabfilter Saturn and Pro-Q 2 and various other plugins. Sometimes the file names give away the original source of the wav, if you want to know details on how I created these, feel free to hit me up.

I mainly tested the impulses in Reflektor. They worked in ReaVerb, Waves IR1/L, Kefir, LeCab2 as well]