Konami VRC6 Soundfont

Tech Specs

Category: Samples

Genre: Chiptune

Type: MultiSamples

Format: Soundfont (sf2)

For this summer, I'm going to be dedicating more time to my soundfonts. I've already deleted hordes of unused/useless fonts; revamped and fixed a handful of ones I've had due for repairs, and rebuilding and revamping soundfonts of my own, starting with the Konami VRC6 Soundfont.

This soundfont was made back around 2015 and was one of the first few original ones I've made myself. Of course, in retrospect, the quality was quite lackluster. The first phase of the revamp was adding more samples and refurbishing old ones, which as you can hear in Demo 1, has been successfully accounted for.

Next was the noise channel preset. Surprisingly, it wasn't as taxing as I thought it'd be. Although I went a bit overkill with Demo 2... I think you get the point; the noise channel works perfectly.

I originally planned to record ALL of the noise channel's random phase intervals (which as far as I'm concerned is about 4 it cycles through), but considering there are 16 recordings for one set of noise alone, and if that were to be multiplied by 4, then I would've ended up with managing 64 fucking recordings of noise that would take up a lot of space for the random preset, and the metallic preset to a certain degree on their own.

At the very least, I would have been able to double the samples' usage across the 2nd half of the keyboard; after all, in soundfonts, we've got 128 keys to work with... But it wouldn't have been worth making the font larger and less portable than it is just for stupid noise, so I chose the best phase interval for both presets and utilized those instead.

In this update to the soundfont, I also added Reverb and Chorus effects, along with unique vibrato speeds for the modulation wheel when turned on for any of the oscillators.