Digitone, Ultimate Conforce Presets

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Digitone

Genre: Ambient Cinematic Electro Experimental Techno

Format: .syx

Type: Atmospheric Film Pads Pluck

Special Instructions


• This is not an official product by the Elektron brand, it's a custom made soundpack.

• These patches are stored in one Sysex file that the Digitone(Keys) can read and receive.

• This is not a sample kit

• Please do not share this soundbank with all your friends, hours and hours of time went into programming and organising this sound bank. The amount of money asked for this product is very little so please be so kind to buy my sound banks and support any future ones.

• These are native patches and they only work with the Digitone. Transfer these patches to your Digitone:

Use the C6 or Sysex software app by Elektron to transfer the patches, found at this page. Connect the Digitone via USB to your computer and open C6.

Go into the system menu/ Sysex Dump on the Digitone. SYSEX RECEIVE -> DRIVE SOUND -> Select the bank where you want to write the patches.

• Refer to the Digitone manual if you're unsure of how to go about. It's all detailed in the manual, which will also be updated when they release new firmwares with Overbridge support, and such.

This is just a demo, buy this soundset here: https://gumroad.com/l/pMirv

Download the taster here on audiobombs for free.

Thanks for your consideration in buying this patch library/soundbank. I got the Digitone in an early stage and have been programming my own presets on it ever since. I think it’s the perfect machine for electronic percussion, snappy stabs, evolving modulating pads and effects. It is a sound designers dream synth and does much more than just classic retro static fm sounds.

Check the demo:

All patches are crafted with love and attention. All killer! No filler and no bullshit patches!

The 4 demo tracks are 100% made with the patches from this soundbank

What do you get:

This kit contains a variety 140 patches.
-67 Pads, evolving drones, chords, bleeps
-22 Complex sound effects
-22 Bass sounds
-29 Drums inc punchy kicks, hihats, snares and various percussion
All sounds are categorised and organised correctly.