Diva: Conforce Soundset

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Diva

Genre: Breaks Electro Techno

Format: Instrument’s Native Format

Type: Bass Keys Pads

Special Instructions

-This is not a sample pack! This is a preset library for U-HE Diva VST -Please locate your Diva presets folder and put the conforce library in the user folder.

PLEASE DO NOT RESELL OR SHARE THESE PATCHES FOR FREE ON THE INTERNET, IT IS ILLEGAL. The internet cops will come after you, all patches have trackers on them.

Hi there! This is a demo. Get a free taster with 5 patches here and get the sound pack at: https://gumroad.com/conforce?sort=newest#vsZuC

The attached DEMO track is completely made with presets from this soundpack. It is made with love and attention based "on my reference of the analog world".

What do you get, 100 presets including:

-Pads, analog esque leads and brass

-Deep Analog inspired Bass sounds

-Techno Chords/keys

-String pads

-Sound effects

-Sick drones

Diva is a CPU hungry beast that certainly honours it’s her name. This however is not without a reason.It swallows many virtual hardware synthesisers that have obsolete DSP technology. Diva is great for vintage classic re-interpretations with a modern edge but it also does a great job on experimental sounddesign and film scoring sounds. It has indeed, an otherworldly character combined with some of the great sounding internal effects. You can use these of course depending on your own flavour. Diva has a nice dark tone to it, there is something haunting and indeterminate about her sound. It’s also one of the few vst’s that does a great job on bass sounds, for me this is alway a tricky thing on software as in the lower regions, bass seems to get fuzzy and loses some punch. Diva is still standing here, especially when using the pre filter low-end boost. They did a great job on the analog behaviour modelling. Apart from the analog realm it is just a stunning virtual analog synthesizer that is a true chameleon with an analog spirit. In the end.

My signature soundset is now available after many hours of fun programming. It focusses on the emotional side of the Diva and it’s surprising diversity of characters. It easily makes a combination between of various hardware synthesisers by taking the characteristics from each of them. Diva is a unique instrument and it’s able to be shaped to your own liking. It’s semi modular approach is appealing to me and really invites you to dive deeper and do some proper sounddesign.

The soundset focusses heavily on punchy, squeaky dark bass tones and atmospheric pads/leads. There are also plenty of sounddesign effects and evolving drone patches in the package. Next to that I tried to emulate some of my Alpha Juno techno chord presets, I compared them and they are pretty near. There is also a sub bass section with SH09 inspired bass sounds that represent the deep grumpiness of this synth. I also added a series of closely emulated 303 presets with a subtle variety in character.