Microfreak: Conforce Reloaded Soundpack

Special Instructions

Important notes

• This is not a sample kit

• For compatibility issues, please install firmware 2.0

• This is not an official Arturia product, it’s a custom artist soundbank.

• These patches are stored in one native Microfreak file that the Microfreak can understand. There is also a project file with all sequence and other information.

• It’s recommended that you use the Arturia Midi Control center to transfer the patches and the project files to the Microfreak.

This is just a demo, buy this soundset here: https://gumroad.com/conforce?recommended_by=search#tHJG

Check the demo track and preset showreel for a good impression

Video, Demo track 1: Track made completely with presets from this pack

Video Demo track 2: Sequences from the pack + 808

Audio Demo: Presets and sequences

What do you get?

70 Presets:

The sound pack mostly contains a variation of:

  • Keys/chords

  • Percussion sounds

  • Bass sounds

  • Plucked percussive sounds

  • Effect sounds

  • Drums

  • 5 Organic Pads

60+ Sequences, pre programmed:


-Chord Progressions

-Self generating sounds


-Modular alike percussion loops

-Drum sequences

About: The MicroFreak is a nice little synth with cool sound capabilities, it does an excellent job on freaky sequences, percussion, chord progressions and even complete glitchy beats.. It’s not a powerhouse but a nice addition to your existing sounds. I also tend to get nice modular alike sounding loops out of it. It's a perfect electro machine and trippy techno station.

Apart from it’s digital hearth the little freak contains an analog filter making it less harsh and digital sounding than it already is. The envelopes are decent, snappy and fast. The bandpass filter just sounds lovely.

The sequencer is what makes it great, it’s very intuitive and spot on! You can record your automations realtime over a maximum of 64 steps with 3 different parameters maximum I assume.

Some of the engines are useful to me personally, the fm, modal, wavetable and noise engine, the v/a engine does a nice job too on rich sounding keys/chords.

In paraphonic mode it even does a nice job on polyphonic pads and chords, with the fm and wavetable engine you can get some nice movement going in your sounds.

I hope that in the near future Arturia will update the amount of engines with new ones, I think there are some open source ones that would do an excellent job inside the intuitive little Microfreak synth. It’s a fun portable synth, once in the studio it needs a bit of treatment to blend well in the mix.

Why this soundpack?

To show the sound capabilities of this tiny plastic box and inspire you to explore it even further. The sequences are meant to inspire you into a decent direction, modulate them or be so creative to make your own sequences with the corresponding presets, you can use mine but I will use them too perhaps ;-) I think i’ve explored and covered the most powerful features with this sound pack.