Conforce's Selected Deepmind Presets

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: DeepMind 12

Genre: Electro House Techno

Format: .syx

Type: Arps Atmospheric Film Keys Pads

Special Instructions

PLEASE DO NOT RESELL OR SHARE THESE PATCHES FOR FREE ON THE INTERNET, IT IS ILLEGAL. The internet cops will come after you, all patches have trackers on them. I can use all the contributions right now and it is really motivating to make new sound packs that people can use if they pay me for it. It's a very time consuming thing. Thank you.

Info/Important: -Get the latest firmware for your Deepmind -This is not a sample pack! This is a preset library for the Deepmind Synthesizers -USE SYSEX(mac) / Bome SENDSX (pc) software to transfer the pack, the presets will end up in the current selected bank and start all with the code "CFC" -This is not an official Behringer product, it's a custom made library.

Check the preset trailer

Download the demo of 5 patches and get the full pack here

Hi there! It's finally here! My Behringer Deepmind (12/6/12D) preset pack, and what a pack it became... The DM is a lot of fun to work with and is a crazy sound design synthesizer but it's also capable of doing just classic sounds with a Roland Juno esque spirit... I don't go into these directions too much and tried to push the envelope a bit on the Deepmind to get crazy sequences going, make vivid pads/leads and dubby sounds. The pack really became a proper cross genre one! The demo tracks showcase this properly. If you are into 90's inspired IDM/techno it's definitely the pack for you. Want to go into the dubby Detroit side? Yes also. I tried to make various sequences and the Behringer is good at it! Perfect for trippy techno or electro stuff. Some patches are self generating and a few are defined chord patches. The pack contains enough romantic lush sounds too! Perfect for chicago esque housey stuff. There is also a very dreamy part in the pack with nice evolving pads and atmospheric sounds. Perfect for ambient. Besides that there are plenty of weird sound effects and drums in the pack. All in all it's very lush and sparkling! Hard to put it down on one genre, it wouldn't do justice to the great sounds.

ALL killer no filler!

A patch trailer will follow in the near future, for now check the demo tracks.

What do you get: 110 custom made presets organised in categories, including: Analog Pads & Evolving Pads / Leads & Brassy sounds / ARP's & Modular alike Sequences / Sound Effects / Basses / Techno Chords / Keys & Bells / Percussional Sounds & Loops