Conforce Argon 8 Presets / Sound Set

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Argon8 Argon8M Argon8X

Genre: Ambient Cinematic Electro Glitch Techno

Format: .syx

Type: Atmospheric Effect Pads

Special Instructions

-!!! USE the Modal App to load the presets into the Argon 8 !!! -Get the latest firmware for your Argon 8 -This is not a sample pack! This is a preset library for the Argon 8 synthesizer -This is not an official Modal Electronics product, it's a custom made library.

Kind request

PLEASE DO NOT RESELL OR SHARE THESE PATCHES FOR FREE ON THE INTERNET, IT IS ILLEGAL. The internet cops will come after you, all patches have trackers on them.

Get the taster of 5 patches or get the full preset pack here


Here it is, my custom made sound set for all the Argon 8 synthesizer models.

Check the beta trailer with some of the presets preciews, 100% from the device, no processing.

Download a taster pack with presets:

Argon 8 is a fun, hands on, intuitive, wavetable synth that flirts with classic Waldorf and Kawai esque spirits. It holds a more contemporary character and an extra set of practical features. This synth is a nice alternative for the Waldorf XT, Blofeld or Microwave 2 and cuts nicely in the overal mix. The synth can produce a wide array of timbres.

The preset pack is very inspired on classic 90's electronica and doesn't hold the bread and butter sounds that you will find mostly on this synth. If you are into avantgarde inspired IDM ambient techno and electro it's definitely the pack for you. Argon 8 is also great for ambient layers and atmospheres and this sound pack also reflects that. The sound pack contains loads of romantic vivid sounds. This is the dreamy side of wavetable synthesis with evolving pads and atmospheric timbres. When it comes to strange sound effects this device does a nice job too, also on weird experimental digital sequences, these are also in the pack. The overal sound is contemporary and has a present digital character.

What do you get *100 custom made presets organised in categories, including: Wavetable Pads & Evolving Pads / ARP's & Modular alike Sequences / Sound Effects / Techno Chords / Keys & Bells / Percussion