Aaltosphere | Aalto Soundset by Complex

This is a 8 patches DEMO. If you like this patches you can get the full soundset with 128 patches here: http://www.zensound.es/soundsets/aalto-aaltosphere/

Aaltosphere is about the machines and industrial plants of an advanced technological civilisation. All the sounds are carefully designed to be as realistic as possible and to fit your necessities and goals.

Brief description It is formed by drones, industrial soundscapes, sequential & random machines, alarms, motors, chaotic SFX and Buchla like keyboards.

Compatible: with Windows and Mac OS. All the volumes are normalized. (next free update). With the modulation wheel you can obtain big transformations in a sound.

Requesite Aalto 1.4. License Creative Commons, you can use in musical projects, learning or whatever you want do. Aaltosphere contains 128 patches in mlpreset format. 128 patches in aupreset format. (next free update). A guided installation in pdf and txt format. On line support (questions to info@zensound.es). Continuous free updates, if you conserve the download link you can get the last update of the soundset.

This DEMO is recorded 'as is', no effects and no compression or limiting.

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