Frozen Lifeforms

The file attached to this page is a demo (8 presets) for the Frozen Lifeforms bank for DUNE and DUNE CM/Beat editions.

This bank, which contains 64 presets, was designed for EDM/ambient/chill/electronica productions and is a great way to give them a soft vintage flavor. Evolving pads, uplifting leads, delicate plucks and mallets, all the ingredients for making outstanding music are gathered in this bank. The patches extensively use the modwheel, velocity and aftertouch to make them even more expressive.

This bank can also be loaded into DUNE CM and Beat editions, though the internal effects will be deactivated.

All the patches are tagged with the category and normalised for immediate use in your productions. They are also royalty-free.

If you wish to learn more about it, please visit the Ghostwave Audio website.

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