Dreamware vol.1

The file attached to this page is a demo (8 presets) for the Dreamware vol.1 bank for Sylenth1.

This bank (the full version contains 64 presets) is suitable for any genre and special attention has been given to the diversity of this set. I wanted to get the best out of Sylenth1 with a set resembling those you can find on a workstation. Each preset was carefully programmed to be the best in its category. As usual, all patches are appended with the type tag and the extensive use of velocity, mod-wheel and aftertouch modulation makes them come alive.

All the patches are tagged with the category and normalised for immediate use in your productions. They are also royalty-free.

If you wish to learn more about it, please visit the Ghostwave Audio website.





posted 6 years, 8 months and 7 days ago

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